Bring warm tea tradition to your home

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Tea drinking is centuries-old ancestral tradition in Azerbaijan. Fresh, hot and strong tea is served first when there’s a guest or when an interesting conversation starts. Azerbaijanis prefer lumb sugar with tea, and almost never adds milk. As tea drinking is very important part of Azerbaijani culture, common places for tea drink called “chaykhana” – tea house exists in all towns in the region, and since historically women did not go to those public places, tea houses are known as men places where playing backgammon, reading newspapers and drinking black tea are common rituals.

Traditionally, Azerbaijanis serve tea in “armudu” – pear-shaped glasses which reflects the shape of hostess, ideal young Eastern woman. On you can find various pear-shaped glasses which will enrich your home with the symbol of ancient and sacred tea drinking tradition of Azerbaijanis.

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