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Mission of is to serve companies from post-Soviet region an easy-to-use and safe platform where they can make partnerships, and purchases with American companies. Basically, every small, medium, and giant enterprises located in the US and those located in CIV region can engage in any business activity on, online.

Well, how it works?

Imagine an American small entrepreneurship which sells textile products to local customers, and the supplier of this business is most probably Chinese wholesaler or producer. There’re millions of that sort of businesses who perform in the same way and thus, sell the same quality and kind of products in American market. will meet those entrepreneurs with numerous suppliers from different regions of the world, who have got different taste, design, and quality. With the help of GetnSmile platform, an American business owner will be able to consider different suppliers from different regions, choose the best fitting one very easily, and order online. And suppliers will display their products on the platform, and make delivery of the orders without bothering with physical inventory problem.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re in American market or you’re a producer from post-Soviet region and Turkey, enables you to register your company, find partners, and benefit more opportunities to grow your business into global scale.

Just register your business as either customer or vendor based on your business purpose, and start making purchases from today.

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